ATSC3.0 PHY Simulator
Terms of Service
Chapter 1: General Provisions
Article 1 [Purpose)
These Terms and Conditions are intended to define basic terms and conditions of use of internet service (hereinafter referred to as "Service") provided by (hereinafter referred to as "Site").
Article 2 (Effect and Change of Terms)
① These Terms and Conditions shall be effective by notifying the users of the service through the service screen or other methods.
② The Site may change the contents of this Agreement, and the changed Terms and Conditions shall become effective by notifying or notifying in the same manner as in Paragraph 1 above.

Article 3 (Definition of Terms)
Terms used in these terms are as follows.
① Member: An individual or organization who has entered into a contract with the site to use the service or has been granted a user ID (ID).
② Applicant: Applicant refers to the individual or organization applying for membership.
③ ID: A combination of letters and numbers approved by the member for the purpose of identifying and using the service.
④ Password: It is a combination of letters and numbers determined by the member in order to confirm that the member matches the ID (ID) given by the member and to protect the confidentiality of the member himself / herself.
⑤ Termination: It refers to the cancellation of the service use contract by the site or member.

Chapter 2 Service Use Contract
Article 4 (Establishment of Use Contract)
① If you click the accept button at the bottom of the Terms of Use, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.
② The contract of use shall be established by the approval of the site for the application for use after agreeing to the terms of use of the service user.
③ The applicant is entirely responsible for the damage that may occur as a result of not reading the Terms.

Article 5 (Application for Use)
① In order for the applicant to use the service, he / she must record and submit the user information required in the subscription application form on the website.
② All user information on the application form is considered to be actual data. Users who do not enter real names or real information are not legally protected and may be subject to limited service.

Article 6 (Approval of application for use)
① The Site accepts the application for the use of the service with the exception of the cases of paragraphs 2 and 3 to the applicant.
② The Site may suspend the approval of the application until the reasons for the approval are dissolved.
  1. There is no room for service-related equipment
  2. If you have technical difficulties
  3. Where other sites are deemed necessary
③ The site may refuse to accept the application if the applicant is:
  1. If you applied using the name of another individual (site)
  2. When applying for false information of user information
  3. If you applied for the purpose of hindering social well-being or morals
  4. Other sites If you do not meet the prescribed application requirements

Article 7 (Change of User Information)
If a member changes the member information stated at the time of application for use, the member shall correct it online, and the member shall be responsible for all problems caused by the non-change.

Chapter 3 Obligations of Contracting Party
Article 8 (Obligations of the Site)
① The site provides the services of each guest to the member.
  1. Simulator data output according to user's request
② The Site shall not disclose, disclose or distribute the personal information of the members acquired by the User in connection with the provision of the Service to any other person without the consent of the Member. However, there is an exception to 1 of the following cases.
  1. If there is a requirement of the national agency by the law such as the Basic Act on Telecommunications
  2. If there is a criminal purpose for the crime or a request from the Information Communication Ethics Committee
  3. If there is a request pursuant to the procedures set forth in other relevant laws and regulations
③ The Site strives to provide services continuously and reliably in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Article 9 (Membership Obligations)
① Members shall not engage in any of the following acts when using the Service. end. Unauthorized use of other member's ID b. To copy, modify, publish, broadcast or otherwise provide information obtained from the Service for purposes other than the Member's use without the prior consent of the Site. (Vi) infringe on the copyright of the site or other rights of others; Distributing information, sentences, figures, etc. that violate the public order and morality to others. An act that is objectively judged to be connected with a crime; Acts that are in violation of other related laws and regulations. ② The member shall comply with related laws and regulations, the matters stipulated in these Terms of Use, and instructions for use of services and precautions. ③ Members shall observe the restrictions on the use of the site posted on the service announcement or announced separately.

Chapter 4 Service Provision and Use
Article 10 (Member's Responsibility for Member ID and Password Management)
① Members are responsible for all management of ID and password. Members are solely responsible for any consequences arising from the mismanagement of their IDs and passwords and the misuse of their membership.
② If your ID is used improperly or other security violation, the member must notify the site.

Article 11 (Service Restriction and Suspension)
① The Site shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the occurrence, occurrence, or the occurrence of a national emergency, or any other force majeure such as termination of telecommunication service by telecommunication business act, You may restrict or suspend all or any part of it.
② When the Site restricts or suspends the use of the service pursuant to Paragraph (1), the Site shall promptly inform the member of the reason and the period of limitation.

Chapter 5 Changes and Termination of Contract
Article 12 (Change of Information)
If the member wants to change the customer information such as address, password, etc., he / she can change it by using the member information change service on the homepage.

Article 13 (Termination of Agreement)
Members may terminate the service use contract, and if terminated, the member must apply for termination to the site through the service or via telephone or online. The Site restricts the Member's use of the Service from the day on which the cancellation application is received. If a member wishes to terminate the contract in accordance with one of the following clauses, the site shall give the customer the opportunity to notify the user by 7 days before the termination of the contract.
① If the user violates the use restriction policy or does not resolve the limitation reason within the use restriction period
② When the information communication ethics committee requests it to be used
③ If the customer does not respond to the opinion statement without justifiable reason
④ If you have applied for the application under the name of someone else, or if you have entered into a contract of use by attaching a false statement or false document of the contents of the application
The Site may restrict the subscription for the period of time specified by the user for the period of use that is terminated by the above regulations.

Chapter 6 Compensation for Damages
Article 14 (Disclaimer)
① The Site is exempted from any liability for damages incurred as a result of the member's failure to obtain the expected benefits from the provision of the service or the selection or use of the service for the service data.
② The Site shall be exempted from any liability in the event of any disruption to the Service or any damage to the Member's data due to reasons attributable to the Member or intention of a third party.
③ The site is exempted from liability for the content of the material posted or transmitted by the member.
④ In the case of a domain with a trademark right, the responsibility for damages or compensation that may arise from this is the responsibility of the purchaser, and the site is not responsible for this.

Article 15 (Competent Court)
In the event of any dispute between the Site and the Member regarding the Service, the court having jurisdiction over the Site's headquarters shall be the competent court.

(Effective Date) This Agreement will be effective from January 2018.